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The Wilkes-Barre Pagans Network
Welcome to the The Wilkes-Barre Pagans Network web site.

On these pages you will find information on Pagan Happenings and Contacts in the Wiles-Barre Area. Sorry for the lack of updates, but things have been preety slow around here. I've started a club on Yahoo, you can go there by clicking here.

Calendar: Here you will find a listing of local Pagan/Wiccan Happenings.
About Us: Here you will find information on contacting the webmaster.
Local Contacts: Here you will find contact information on local Pagan/Wiccans.
Websites by Locals: Here you will find links to websites made by locals.
The Wilkes-Barre Teen Group: Here you will find information about the new WBTG.
WBPN E-Mail: Need a new e-mail account? Why not get a FREE web-based account
Please Sign My Guestbook, and feel free to View it as well.

Please note, in no way is this site an official site. It is mearly a site to help locals find other locals.